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Today I walked into work to find my friend Remi sitting at her desk without her hair.

Her waist length caramel locks were all gone. Poof. A thick little bob-ish helmet sat in their place.

And she looked incredible.IMG_0035

Older, sexier, smarter, brighter, perkier. She had a fresh new face. A new look.

And then she told me why.

She hadn’t decided to lop off her luscious golden tresses to look sexier and more sophisticated (although she did).

She cut it off to donate it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Foundation, to give a cancer sufferer back some hair.
IMG_0028  IMG_0032

“Pantene is on a mission to support women with cancer by providing free real-hair wigs to women who have lost their locks through treatment. Together with Look Good…Feel Better, we’re asking women to skip their next salon trim, grow their hair a little longer and stronger and pledge their ponytails to the Beautiful Lengths program.

With your help we can help these remarkable women feel like themselves again by giving them free real-hair wigs. Many women with cancer say that putting on a wig helps them feel like themselves again, but real-hair wigs are a luxury that few can afford”

For me, my hair is like my character. And while this may sound shallow, losing it would be unbearable.

This charity is about more than hair. It is about identity. It is about femininity. It is about emotion.

It is about giving women who are suffering from cancer something back – something to support them, not physically but emotionally, through their journey.

It is about raising awareness for this great cause. It is about helping people understand that they can do something.

It is small to you, just 20cm of dead stuff growing out of your head, but it can be transformative to someone who needs it.

And I think that deserves some attention.

Check out Remi’s beautiful video of the chop (and her sexy new look!!)